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Continuing Education Centre The Polytechnic, Ibadan came into existence in 1992 sequel to the decision of the Board of Studies to bring under a single umbrella, the activities of all Part-Time programmes to be coordinated managed. Such approved Part-Time Programmes leading to the award of National Diploma (ND);Higher National Diploma (HND), post-Higher National Diploma and other Professional Diploma [FTP]

Continuing Education Centre (CEC) is established to provide good access to further education and training through either evening or weekend lectures for people on Full-Time employment within the South-West region of Nigeria.


 The Centre is meant to coordinate all Part-Time Programmes for admitted students as       accredited for Full-Time Programmes by the National Board for Technical Education             (NBTE).


The CEC is administered on behalf of the Governing Council, through the CEC               Management Board and the CEC Management Team.  The Management Board of the    Centre is headed by the Rector of the Institution; while the Management Team is         headed by the Director.

 CEC Management Board

The CEC Management Board is made up of:

  1. Rector (Prof. Kazeem A. Adebiyi)                   –           Chairman
  2. Deputy Rector                                                      –           Member
  3. Registrar                                                               –           Member
  4. Bursar                                                                   –           Member
  5. Rep., Perm. Sec. Min. Of Edu.                           –           Member
  6. Governing Council Rep.                                     –           Member
  7. All Deans of Faculties                                        –           Member
  8. Director, CEC                                                       –           Member
  9. Deputy Registrar, CEC                                        –           Secretary