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Our Mission

The Polytechnic, Ibadan was established in March 1970 through Polytechnic, Ibadan Edict No 15 of 1970. The objectives for establishing the institution included Provision for studies, training and development of techniques in applied science, engineering and commerce as well as in other spheres of learning, and for the purpose of carrying out this function it shall be the duty of The Polytechnic, so far as its resources permit, to provide facilities for activities including the following:

  • courses of instruction (full time and part-time) leading to diploma, certificates and other distinctions in scientific, technological and such other subjects at the intermediate level of manpower
  • special training in courses whether leading to distinction or not taking into account at all times the requirements of the Western State Ministry of Education and the intermediate manpower needs of the country
  • work in the development of techniques, conferences, seminars study groups and like activities; and
  • such other activities as may in the opinion of the governing board serve to promote the objectives of The Polytechnic