Governing Council and General Administration Office (CAGA)
The Polytechnic, Ibadan came into being as the successor of the Technical College, Ibadan. The Governing Council came in with the establishment of The Polytechnic, Ibadan in 1971. The Governing Council hitherto known and referred to as the Governing Board was inaugurated on Friday, August 6, 1971 by the then Military Governor of Western State, Col. C. Oluwole Rotimi. The 15-member Governing Board headed by Professor Ayo Ogunsheye held its inaugural meeting in the State Executive Chambers shortly after the inaugural ceremony. The Board which swung into action at the meeting set the following tasks for itself:
(i) Exploring all possible avenues with a view to finding a first class Principal for The Polytechnic, Ibadan;

(ii) Ensuring that the constitution has first-rate teaching and non-teaching staff;

(iii) Putting in place machinery designed to ensure steady supply of qualified students;

(iv) Making it possible for the Institution to be equipped with up-to-date equipment; and

(v) Serving as an effective link between the Institution on one hand and the State Government with the public on the other.

Members of the Council who were men of experience and being pioneering members, made efforts in a way that helped tremendously to lay the foundation for the current enviable position of the Institution among its peers. As the highest organ of the Institution, the Council took some far-reaching decisions among which was the appointment of qualified personnel into some key positions. Such key positions are now referred to as principal post. As at the time, the key positions were: The Principal, the Secretary, the Accountant and the Librarian. To facilitate their duties, the Board constituted some committees to work on the following subject matters:

(i) Standing orders of The Polytechnic Governing Council;

(ii) Advertising for the appointment of the Principal;

(iii) Negotiation with the University of Ife on the transfer of the physical facilities at the Ibadan Campus of the University to the Institution;

(iv) Budget for The Polytechnic; and (v) Search party for candidates for the post of Principal.

The Council, concerned with successful take-off of an institution still in her throes of birth, considered the appointment of an Acting Principal to pilot the affairs of the Institution pending the appointment of a substantive Principal. Mr. A.A. Popoola who was the Principal of the defunct Technical College, Ibadan, was appointed the Acting Principal of The Polytechnic, Ibadan. Mr. A.A. Popoola was however later replaced by Dr. Victor Omololu Olunloyo who served briefly after which Mr. O.A. Ajayi, who assumed duty on 1st September, 1972 as Principal was appointed. Two other key appointments were also made. Mr. (later Dr.) T.O. Adetunji, the Secretary, and Mr. M.O. Kehinde, Accountant. The trio became the pioneer principal officers of the Institution. The term, Governing Council was first used in December, 1987. And since the inauguration of the first Governing Council, the Governing Council has been headed by scholars of consequence and experienced professionals as given below:

(i) Professor Ayo Ogunseye – Chairman 1971 – 1977

(ii) Professor G.A. Tugbiyele – 1977 – 1979 (iii) Hon. Justice J.D. Ogundere – 1980 – 1984

(iv) Professor O. Ladipo – 1984 – 1986

(v) Professor J.A. Faniran – 1986 – 1989

(vi) Professor J.O. Ogunlade – 1989 – 1991

(vii) Professor Olusola Akinyele – 1992 – 1994

(viii) Professor A. Akinboade – 1994 – 1997

(ix) Chief (Dr.) L.A. Gbadamosi – 1998 – 2000

(x) Engr. Abidoye Ayoola – 2001 – 2003

(xi) Engr. Akin Adetunji – 2005 – 2006

(xii) Engr. Abidoye Ayoola – 2006 – 2006

(xiii) Engr. Akin Adetunji – 2007 – 2008

(xiv) Engr. Paul Oyekola – 2009 – 2011

(xv) Professor Oladapo Afolabi OON, CFR – 2011 – 2013

(xvi) Mrs. A.O. Makanjuola (Interim Council) 2015 – 2017

(xvii) Professor Isaac Adebayo Adeyemi – 2018 – 2019

(xviii) Professor Adekunle Akinyemi – 2018 – 2019


The Institution has a Directorate under the Registry that is servicing the Council among other duties i.e. Council Affairs and General Administration (CAGA). The Unit is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the smooth operation of Council. It is headed by a Deputy Registrar. The Directorate has another section designed as Information Centre and Post Office.

This Centre receives mails meant for staff, students and the Institution. It is an avenue for accessing information on the Institution and other external bodies. The Council Affairs and General Administration Directorate (CAGA) houses the office of the Chairman of the Council. Secretariat Staff:

Mrs. Folashade O. Yoloye Deputy Registrar

Mr. Abegunde Oluwole CEO

Mrs Owojori.  AO I

Mrs. Akinwumi Adeola .T. PEO I

Mrs. Adekunle, Ifedayo .M. CS II

Mr. Olowomojuore Lukman .W. Senior Clerical Officer

Mr. Olaniyi Segun Chief Driver/Mech.

Mr. Aremo Clement A. Driver/Mech.


The membership of Governing Council is fourteen. The names, designation and representations of the newly constituted Governing Council are presented thus: S/N Names Designation Representation

1 Prof. Kunle A. Akinyemi Chairman Government Nominee

2. Prof Sarafadeen O. Kareem Member Government Nominee

3. Prof S. G. Odewumi Member Government Nominee

4. Barr Jide OOjolowo Member Government Nominee

5. Mr Adedapo A. Joshua Member Government Nominee

6. Ayaba Moji Adeyemi Member Government Nominee

7. Hon. Abiola Ayorinde T. Member Government Nominee

8. Hon. Bola Akinyemi Member Government Nominee

9. Perm. Sec., Ministry of Education Member Government Nominee

10. Perm. Sec., Ministry of Finance, Budget & Planning Member Government Nominee

11. Prof Kazeem A. Adebiyi Member Rector

14. Mrs Modupe T. Fawale Secretary to Council Registrar


Statutory Council Committees are:

i. Finance and General Purpose Committee

ii. Project Planning and Implementation Committee

iii. Tenders Board iv. Petty Contract Sub-Committee

v. Innovation and Creativity Committee

Other committees that need Council representations are:

i. Appointments and Promotions Committee (Academic)

ii. Appointments and Promotions Committee (Non – Academic)

iii. Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee

iv. Continuing Education Centre Board v. Condition of Service

vi. Polytechnic Ventures Board