Health Center


The Main Health Centre is located at the "Middle Belt" i.e. a vast area of land between the North and South Campuses. it is an ultra-modern building complex facing the main link road.

The Health Centre building on the Campus has 18 bed spaces i.e. two wards of four beds for each of Male and Female students; a room of two beds for male staff and a ward of two beds for female staff; two private wards of two beds each; and two "isolation" rooms of one bed in each room.

All fresh students must register at the Health Centre.

They are to pay the prescribed medical fees, collect and fill forms for medical fitness and bring their chest X-ray for assessment of their state of health at the Health Centre. The endorsement of their forms must be carried out only by the Institution's Medical Doctors. They should realise that no one can help another person to undergo this procedure. They have to appear in persons before the Institution's doctors for their registration to be authentic.

After the completion of their registration, fresh students are usually issued small registration cards which will be presented to the Hospital Attendants whenever they come for medical treatment. The small card carries a registration number which helps in tracing the student's case file at the Health Centre. Every bonafide student is supposed to have such a file. To minimize lateness to class or absenteeism from lectures, students are given priority treatment between 8am and 9am. Registration at the Health Centre is a must for every student and staff of the Polytechnic. Any student who fails to register at the Health Centre automatically loses his or her status of a bonafide student of the Polytechnic and such a student shall not be allowed to sit for any examination of the Polytechnic.

(1) Medical treatment at the health centre is given free of charge to bonafide students of the Institution
(2) Services available include- general medical consultation, medical advice against various diseases, immunisation, medical treatment; X-ray services, laboratory and ambulance services.
(3) The Health Centre offers round the clock services, with experienced medical and nursing personnel. When doctors are not around, experienced Nursing Sisters/Superintendents are available at all time to attend to you. Doctors could be called for emergencies at any time. Doctors are regularly in attendance between 8.00a.m. and 2.00p.m on week days.
(4) Time for regular administration of daily injections is betwee 8.00a.m and 11.00a.m. Sundays and Public Holidays inclusive
(5) Daily application of dressing to wounds is done on week days between 8.00a.m. and 11.00a.m excluding Sundays and Public Holidays.
(6) Pregnant female students are advised to report at the Health Centre when they have missed two consecutive periods i.e. when are two months pregnant. This is to enable them have the necessary antenatal care and arrangement of their confinement in a hospital
(7) part-Time Students enjoy similar facilities
(8) Students who fall ill before or during sessional examinations or tests must report at the Health Centre immediately. The doctor then decides if he/she is fit to take the examinations/tests or not. No case can be made on behalf of a sick student who does not report at the Health Centre while his colleaques are busy with their examinations/tests
(9) Students are not entitled to medical treatment during vacation. The only exception is any student who is on vacation job with the institution. Such students must however bring a letter of Confirmation from their respective Heads of Departments.
(10) Any treatment received outside the Health Centre must be reported to the Director of Medical Services within 48 hours of receiving such treatment otherwise, sick report or excuse duty certificate issued such outside centres will not be authenticated.

Since it is a common saying that prevention is better than cure, it will do you good to keep to the following pieces of advice to keep healthy.
(1) Report any detected symptom of illness promptly
(2) Do not go to unqualified personnel for medical care
(3) Eat good and balanced diet, and eat at proper times
(4) Cultivate the habit of drinking fluids in sufficient quantities
(5) Avoid alcohol - it destroys health
(6) Avoid smoking - it is dangerous for your health
(7) Report symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases promptly
(8) Avoid promiscuity - it is costly and ungodly
(9) Do not engage in criminal abortion
(10) Plan your family if you are married. Avoid unwanted pregnancy
(11) Do not practice self-medication. It costs more than its price
(12) Cultism may lead to health problems do not be deceived
(13) Engage in regular,physical exercise to keep fit
(14) Observe basic rules of Hygiene, keep yourself clean: live in clean environment
(15) Ensure that you do not drink water from doubtful soirce Typhoid and Cholera are usually the benefit of such a venture. Boiling your water before drinking saves you a lot of havoc