Polyventures Limited, The Polytechnic Ibadan

In 1985, full consultancy services started at Polyconsult with the appointment of Chief J. Asaolu a renowned Accountant and Dr. O.A Lawal a popular Economist as Director and Deputy Director respectively. Thereafter, training and development services were fully introduced. The two biggest clients were Labour Department of Federal Ministry of Works that engaged the services of Polyconsult for Open Grade Test for its Secretaries, Stenographers and Typists. The list was swelled in 1987 when Oyo State Civil Service Commission employed Polyconsult to train its workforce in all categories and the exercise continued till 1992. At a point Polyconsult conducted a lot of trainings for Abia State Government till 2004.

At the moment, Polyconsult is a leading Consultancy in the area of training, development, human resources service, small scale businesses consultancy, poverty alleviation service provider, restructuring, re-engineering, as well as Vocational Services Consultancy which it does in conjunction with VSEC (Vocational Skills and Entrepreneurship Centre), located within the Campus of The Polytechnic Ibadan. Above all, The Polyconsult has successfully organized retirement seminars for retirees (both retired and prospective) in Oyo State, a programme that was combined with vocational skills options like bee-keeping, snail rearing, chalk production, paint production etc for the participants.

In 2009, two major jobs were handled by the Polyconsult for some esteemed clients. The first was poverty alleviation programme for 700 participants from all over Oyo state and the second was a Microfinance Certification Programmes, (MCP) for operators of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria- a job awarded by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Out of about 76 consulting outfits invited by CBN for a capacity building programme aimed at selecting 25 outfits in Nigeria for training and capacity building scheme for practitioners of microfinance banking in Nigeria, Polyconsult was selected as its ratings were high after the release of the results by resource person invited from Bangladesh and Philippines.

Out of the candidates presented by the 25 consulting firm in Nigeria for the first diet of microfinance examinations conducted by Chartered Institute of Bankers of

Nigeria in October, 2010. 2 candidates that emerged as overall best with distinctions in 2 out of the 3 papers examined came from Polyconsult and while the national average of pass recorded was 56.5%, the same rate at Polyconsult was 75.3%